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A brief archaeology of Jenn



Revelore Press

Founded Revelore Press

A rhizomatic publishing venture focused on the pleasures and legacies of storycraft and actualizing the imagination utilizing all aspects of the print arts. Originating in Cascadia with collaborators in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City, Halifax, London, Lisbon, and beyond. Official launch in autumn 2017.




Co-Founded Rubedo Press

Consecrated to classical and contemporary works animated by the sophianic fire. Image from the limited-edition first printing of co-founder Dr Aaron Cheak’s memoir Leaf of Immortality (2017).



Sophia Centre Press: Dr Campion & Dr Zahrt

Began working with Sophia Centre Press

The Sophia Centre Press is dedicated to scholarly publishing on humanity’s relationship with the cosmos. It was founded in 2009 as part of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s spin-out business programme and is associated with the University’s Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology and Culture in the Faculty of Humanities and the Performing Arts. In this image, Dr Campion and Dr Zahrt appear at the UWTSD London campus in December of 2016.

Latest work:

Elsbeth Ebertin, Can A Be Prevented

Can Assassinations Be Prevented and What Will Happen Next? A new translation into English of Elsbeth Ebertin’s 1922 pamphlet on political violence in the turbulent times of Germany’s Weimar Republic.

Verdant Gnosis Vol 2

In Verdant Gnosis 2, I share thoughts on the astrology of plant magic. My article, “Controversy and Conversion: Astrological Considerations for Potent Herbal Workings,” goes beyond Nicholas Culpeper to introduce ways you can correlate plants to planets. I end the article with some thoughts about how to use planetary timing dynamically when creating talismanic oils containing plant materials.

Occlith 1: Codex Homunculi

Contributor and model for Occlith 1: Codex Homunculi (Viatorium/Ouroboros, 2016). Two of my translations of Paracelsus appear in this volume, alongside integrations of my body into many of the myriad original “hermetic images” Joseph Uccello created for this work.

Listen to my interview on The Astrology Podcast

Elsbeth Ebertin and her books


Jenn Zahrt is a rare editor. Her criticism is thoughtful and precisely directed. Her respect for the author’s voice and understanding of formal parameters enable her to make suggestions that don’t neuter a piece, but instead bolster its inherent strengths and address its weaknesses. This insight, respect, and precision make Jenn an excellent editor, and I recommend her unreservedly.

A mentoring session with Jenn is like rocket fuel for your writing. I came away from our time together inspired, motivated and ready to act. And, I actually did. Jenn’s enthusiasm is infectious and helped get me moving after a major delay. Her advice and suggestions are always on point, and help improve both the content and structure of my work. If you need an infusion of inspiration or motivation I highly recommend time with Jenn. I’ve already booked my next fire starter sessions with her. Jenn’s energy and insight is addictive and have been the missing link I needed to create progress on a stalled book project.

Seriously that was a ton of fun, and I wanted to reach out personally and just thank you very much for being the cohesive factor in me receiving all those takes on my nativity. And a few things really hit their home run into what I am being guided towards right now, so that felt very affirming and timely for me.

Extraneous to all that, I enjoyed the presentation style thoroughly. I also had a couple of my clients who attended who have elementary knowledge of delineation at best, and they both said it was a really accessible talk even for a beginner. It was the best talk we’ve had at Nightlight in a long time by far.

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