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Thanks for stopping by my slice of the internet and for being curious about me and my work. I’ll keep things short because I love concision. If I had to choose one word, one word!, to describe what I do, it is: galvanize. I live to galvanize people to accomplish their goals and to create immortal (textual) traces of human experience that generate more potent experiences ad infinitum. I thrive on enthusiasm and challenge and reading closely.


Just imagine, in our oldest recorded epic, Gilgamesh strives for immortality and accomplishes it in a two step process: he lives a life so grand that stories flow from it, and those stories are recorded, preserved, and disseminated. Through my own life and creative talents, I hope to inspire everyone in my orbit to live as fearlessly as Gilgamesh and, together with me, record the wisdom issuing from these experiences for the future. A dear friend recently referred to me as an “impresario”—and I think he’s onto something. As you might already be able to tell, I’ve got a serious irreverent streak. I love instigating new ways of perceiving the world around us and stimulating scenarios that spark extraordinary moments, that forge memories.


Publishing for me is a crystallization of these encounters of mind and heart: the fruit of experience that contains the seeds to generate the next iterations of experience. At the beating heart of this is language in its myriad (even celestial, asemic) forms. My doctorate may be in German literature, but it is actually in paying careful attention to crafting worlds through language. I revel in this liminal edge and share this pleasure with everyone I work with.


Enjoy exploring the archaeology of decisive moments in my life below. Discover my writing, publications, and contributions throughout this site. And consider joining me in crafting your remarkable life and works.

A deeper archaeology of Jenn:



I will be speaking at UAC!

It’s still in the future… I have been selected to speak at the historically significant United Astrology Conference, taking place in Chicago.


June 14

Revelore Press

Founded Revelore Press

My original vision for a press finally crystallizes as Revelore is structured as a rhizome, with multi-passionate creators coming together in community to cross-pollinate and actualize our ideas and dreams into print culture. For one, it is a series of hand-bound dream journals and ledgers, for another, letterpress calendars and posters, and another, a children’s book that imparts age-old starlore. For yet another, it is curating speculative fiction and exploring the novel as grimoire; for two others, it is editing a series of books on folk necromancy; and yet two more, it is dreaming a series of books on plant magic and mysticism into being. In every case, each of these projects comes from a vision of exploring the liminal space between experience and language, that most human of spaces where story – lore – is created, cultivated, and disseminated.


Revelore provides nutrients for a flourishing adventure in immersing in the world, for speaking across time, for creating the future we desire.


Official launch in autumn of 2017.



JZ at Treadwells

Talk at Treadwell's in London

The crowning moment of twenty years of studies, two MAs and one PhD: sharing the fruits of my research into German astrology with the Treadwell’s community after just having done the same with the Sophia Centre London conference barely days prior. One of the most fulfilling moments of my life.



Reviving the Maggie A. Nalbandian Memorial Library

Maggie A. Nalbandian was a force of nature in the world of astrology. In her lifetime she created no less than three major institutions in the world of astrology: Astrology Et Al., NORWAC, and Kepler College. Upon her passing in 2015, I embarked on a project to bring Kepler College’s library out of storage and name it in Maggie’s honor.


July 7

Sleepless in London

A night without a hotel in London

In the Summer of 2015 I was invited to University of Leipzig to give a talk about my publishing career. I then flew to the UK to attend the graduation of my fellow comrades at the Sophia Centre… except I had one problem. A night in London. I asked my FB friends: what’s the most audacious thing I could do? A friend responded: stay up all night at a 24-hour restaurant. So I did. This filthy martini, enjoyed in a restaurant on the 40th floor of a skyscraper somewhere in downtown London, cost me something like $35 and tasted like eating an entire plate of oysters, and yet it cost me far less than spending the night in any hotel. When the sun came up over the Thames, I descended back to the street and took a cab to Heathrow where I met up with another friend, and we sped off to Wales. Easily one of the best nights of my life.


February 19


Got off the plane on the wrong island

During a visit to the Bahamas for an astrology conference, Wonder Bright and I accidentally get off the plane on the wrong island, but figure it out in time to run back across the tarmac and get back on the plane before it took off. Those seven minutes (or less?) are probably my shortest visit ever anywhere.


November 3

Ramprasad Kali

Co-Founded Rubedo Press

In 2014, my plans for a press merge with Dr Cheak’s publishing intentions. In 2017, I left Rubedo to continue cultivating my creative vision in a more supportive environment. I now work with a fabulous team at Revelore.


October 28

Antares Explosion

Antares (Press) Explodes seconds after launch

After editing and designing The Ascendant, I moved to Seattle to found a press, which I had wanted to name Antares Press. Why? Well, Elsbeth Ebertin (whose works I am translating now) named her press after a fixed star (Regulus) conjoined to her MC. And I have Antares conjoined my MC. Except as I went to file the paperwork for my business, I found out that someone else was using the name just months before me! My lawyer suggested I find a new name, but, y’all, naming things is HARD. I aborted the name.


Days after discovering this, the rocket Antares exploded seconds after take-off. My publishing dream seemed to be in sudden limbo, and the universe cruelly agreed.


August 22

The Ascendant Vol 1

Edit, Design and Publish The Ascendant

A fascinating blip on the astrological publishing scene. The avant garde volume of a journal started by the Association for Young Astrologers. We intended to release a second volume that never materialized in this version of the universe.

The genesis of this issue carries its own incredible story, including being holed up in a basement apartment in Williamsburg Brooklyn mere hours before moving out of the city to Seattle in a one way car trip with everything I owned. Mars conjoined Saturn in Scorpio just before a Virgo New Moon. Boom and zzzzzzoom!


March 22

Jenn Zahrt, PhD

Declaration of Independence Day

For very precise astrological reasons, March 22, 2013 became my personal “Declaration of Independence” day. I had amassed enough freelance work to take the leap into the void and begin my life as an entrepreneur. It would still be at least a year before I would found another business outside of my freelance work. Within six months I would leave California, and become a nomad.



Finish my PhD at UC Berkeley

Not even a second passes before I enroll in the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the Sophia Centre in Wales. Saturn in my 9H, what can I say?



Threepenny 132

Deputy Editor at The Threepenny Review

My favorite parts about working at The Threepenny Review were:

  • finding THE POEM. Every once in a while a submission would come in and floor me. I relished being the first person to read what would come to delight many.
  • learning the ins and outs of how to run an independent print publication from the ground up, from the inevitable pitfalls to the enormous triumphs.
  • being immersed in that vibrant corner of the American literary world.



Representations Journal

Editorial Assistant at Representations

For the next three years, I would attend editorial  board meetings with some of the most amazing thinkers at Berkeley. My duties consisted of communicating with authors and board members, keeping the agenda on track, and various entry level editorial tasks. It was about 1.5 years in that I realized my job was to reject people. I must have written 400 rejection letters during the course of my time there. The Associate Editor, Jean Day was extremely patient, kind, and thorough in training me in all things publishing. I absolutely loved working with her and the Representations team.


August 25

Begin PhD at UC Berkeley



Graduate from NYU

Summa cum laude from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a concentration in transformation and critical theory.

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