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Dr Jenn Zahrt

Hi, I’m Jenn Zahrt. Welcome to my digital lilypad. If I had to choose one word, one word!, to describe what I do, it is: galvanize. I live to galvanize people to accomplish their goals and to create immortal (textual) traces of human experience that generate more potent experiences ad infinitum. I thrive on enthusiasm and challenge and reading closely.

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Jenn Zahrt is a rare editor. Her criticism is thoughtful and precisely directed. Her respect for the author’s voice and understanding of formal parameters enable her to make suggestions that don’t neuter a piece, but instead bolster its inherent strengths and address its weaknesses. This insight, respect, and precision make Jenn an excellent editor, and I recommend her unreservedly.

A mentoring session with Jenn is like rocket fuel for your writing. I came away from our time together inspired, motivated and ready to act. And, I actually did. Jenn’s enthusiasm is infectious and helped get me moving after a major delay. Her advice and suggestions are always on point, and help improve both the content and structure of my work. If you need an infusion of inspiration or motivation I highly recommend time with Jenn. I’ve already booked my next fire starter sessions with her. Jenn’s energy and insight is addictive and have been the missing link I needed to create progress on a stalled book project.

Seriously that was a ton of fun, and I wanted to reach out personally and just thank you very much for being the cohesive factor in me receiving all those takes on my nativity. And a few things really hit their home run into what I am being guided towards right now, so that felt very affirming and timely for me.

Extraneous to all that, I enjoyed the presentation style thoroughly. I also had a couple of my clients who attended who have elementary knowledge of delineation at best, and they both said it was a really accessible talk even for a beginner. It was the best talk we’ve had at Nightlight in a long time by far.