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Groundhog Day update: Traditional astrology, plant magic, & astrological legitimacy!

Happy Groundhog Day!

This early spring promises lots of Zahrt action! Here’s the skinny:


  • On Feb 27/28 I’ll be teaching at the Portland School of Astrology’s Astro Throwback conference in Portland, Oregon, alongside luminaries such as Andrea L. Gehrz, Austin Coppock, Bill Frazer, Chris Brennan, Jaysen Paulson, and Wade Caves. My talk will cover the technique of directing astrological charts by triplicity. More information is available at the PSA website.

  • On March 5, I’ll be speaking about astrology and plant magic for Kepler College’s community webinar series. Often, astrology focuses on the human life world, yet plants make up more than 1,000 times the biomass of all animals (other than bacteria) on the earth’s land area. In this seminar we will apply our knowledge of the spiritual intelligence of our celestial realm to the spiritual intelligence of our pervasive plant realm. Register here!

  • On March 9, Adam Elenbaas will host me in his Nightlight Astrology winter speaker webinar series for the world premiere of my research into the history of German astrology. This talk has been almost eighteen years in the making (which you can read more about in my recent interview with astrologer Wade Caves here). In this seminar through a German historical case study, I will analyze how astrologers made attempts to legitimize astrology in terms of science, and how these strategies, in turn, changed the nature of astrological practice itself. By looking backwards, we may understand and gain better command over current efforts to legitimize astrological practice in society. Head over to the Nightlight Astrology events page to sign up!


Hope you can join me for one or all of these quite different talks!


…last but not least, I must share my personal Groundhog Day tradition of watching DirtyEpic129’s remix trailer of Groundhog Day. Enjoy!

Feature photo above by Marcus McCoy of House of Orpheus.


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