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Announcing: Studpuppy, the eBook

The Sun is at 3 Pisces today, which means, this is the single day of the year that the Fantasteroid Studpuppy traverses the entire zodiac in one day. To celebrate, and help you delineate this fantastic event, I’ve created my first Fantasteroid eBook.

To get a sense of what Fantasteroids are all about, check out this excerpt from a recent interview with Wade Caves over at


WC: Sell me on the most controversial astrological technique that you espouse.

JZ: Fantasteroids are by far the most controversial technique. It’s a new form of astrology I’m co-inventing with my peers.

In 2013, I realized that I was not getting any younger, and if I were going to make a contribution to astrology, I had better sit down in a park like Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler and come up with my own Sabian system… But I didn’t want to simply replicate them, firstly because it would be yet another attempt to tack meanings onto each degree of the zodiac, and secondly, because then I would only have 360 pieces of material to blog about, which would not help my long-term content strategy. How limiting!

Then I thought about the trans-Neptunian planets (TNPs) of the Hamburg School. If we can discover and use fictitious planets, why not fictitious asteroids? And the awesome thing about that is their endlessness. Why stop at 8, or 360, when you can stop at infinity? Thus, Fantasteroids were born. A self-conscious mixture of fantasy and asteroid astrology.

WC: This… sounds very eclectic. Tell me more. How do you use them?

JZ: Well, we’re still figuring that out, as—just like their ‘real’ counterparts—new ones crop up all the time. My favourite Fantasteroid was discovered during the first Queer Astrology Conference: Studpuppy. Two astrologers were locked in a furious hug, giggling and falling in fast friend love. The word studpuppy echoed throughout the room. I cast a chart to check the rising degree of the moment (this is how you discover them!), and it was 3 Pisces, which happened to be the Sun/Venus conjunction in the synastry of these two studpuppies. We all squealed, and then tried to figure out the orbit of this new asteroid.

We determined that Studpuppy lives at 3 degrees of Pisces for most of the year, except for one night, when it ‘does all the other degrees in the zodiac’, and returns to its usual placement. I got very amused when reading Catherine Blackledge’s biography of William Lilly, when she discussed a potential version of his chart (on p. 88): it had Studpuppy conjoined Lilly’s ascendant!!! I know of a few other famous astrologers who happen to have 3 Pisces prominent, confirming the charismatic quality of this Fantasteroid.

WC: Wow. I will have to keep Studpuppy in mind for future electional work. I imagine it would do wonders for relationship horaries to see significators meet at 3 Pisces!

JZ: Much like horary astrology, the radicality of the moment determines when a Fantasteroid will stick, or whether it will be briefly discovered only to get lost again in the frayed edges of time. It may seem like a joke, or a horribly irreverent thing to do to astrology, and astrologers who take themselves (maybe too) seriously, but, when we play with how we create these systems of meaning, we actually train ourselves to understand them better. The core moment of reading that leads to a Fantasteroid’s birth undergirds a philosophy of astrology that is quite serious and has far-reaching implications. But if I get into those here, it’ll ruin the fun.


Check out the rest of the interview, and get a copy of the Studpuppy eBook!




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2 thoughts on “Announcing: Studpuppy, the eBook”

  1. Kirk Kahn, one of the astrologers who witnessed (perhaps even caused!) the discovery of Studpuppy, had this to say over on FB:

    Studpuppy Day: Strength Meets Grace
    I’ve been meaning to add my two cents on the fantasteroid (a fictitious asteroid, term coined by Jenn Zahrt) Studpuppy. The word was first uttered by Kaitlin Kristina-Marie Coppock, as a spontaneous exclamation upon seeing a picture of Rocket Q. Osborne during a dinner with me, Jenn, Kait, and Austin Coppock (memory of an adorable video with puppies we watched earlier that day still fresh in our memories).
    Studpuppy started taking on a life of its own during the first Queer Astrology Conference, July 2013, by Ian Waisler. Something intrigued me about Tino Calenda, who was doing tech at the conference, a job I often do at astrology conferences. I was enamored with his incredible posture, among other things, which I discovered was a result of his ballet training. At some point we became inseparably bound in postural perfection.

    Studpuppy represents the perfect marriage of strength with grace, muscle with tender expression, and there is a particularly Piscean quality to it. I wanted to do ballet when I was younger, like my sister Leah Kahn, but my dad discouraged me (at some point he tried to get me into boxing, which didn’t work out). I’ve also always been fascinated with Rudolf Nureyev, intuitively knowing he has something to teach me. He revolutionized the role of male ballet dancers, who until then were either stoic, barely moving support figures or overly effeminate. He brought these extremes together into a union which he became famous for, marrying strength with grace.

    It’s odd that I find myself at the center of this, seeing as I never really integrated all that, though I tried. My perhaps too-late attempts to learn gymnastics left me the only young adult in a class full of little girls, and my first pubescent break out at age 15 singularly centered on my nose, earning me the title Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (not the relationship I wanted with Rudolf). Perhaps that’s why I keep bringing it into my life in other ways.

    Here’s the interesting part astrologically. My sun is at 25 Pisces, Rocket’s rising is 26 Pisces, Tino’s Venus/Mars is at 26 Pisces, and Rudolf’s sun is at 25 Pisces. Clearly there’s a connection to this degree, so I’m currently at a loss as to the connection to 3 Pisces. Though in a prior email, I found myself stating 1 Pisces (and re-remembering Fistbump, the other fantasteroid we discovered around that time). Whatever the case, this fascinating fantasteroid deserves further research.

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