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Always already predictive, until death.

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Quick and dirty post here. But worth noting:

When people say they use astrology as a diagnostic tool, not for prediction, they neglect to note that diagnostics is predictive. When a doctor looks at evidence, the diagnosis is an informed best guess at what’s going on. Some things are clear as day, but many illnesses exist that medicine still has no explanation for. They cannot diagnose (read: predict) what is wrong. Similarly, telling a stranger what their personality is like is an act of prediction. The chart tells the astrologer the likelihood of a person being like this and not like that, of liking this and not liking that. But if you truly do not know this person, you are predicting that the information in the chart applies to the person. You are predicting what their personality is like, using your astrologically informed best guess.

If you want to avoid prediction and astrology you have to use it forensically, not ‘diagnostically’.

Think about it.




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