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Curious about planetary hours?


The planetary hours are a simple and effective ancient astrological technique to optimize your life. They are a historical form of astrology based on observation, your specific location, and thus your lived experience. This technique does not depend on charts, so you can begin to use it right away. This September, Astrology Hub has invited me to provide a free online workshop teaching you the ins and outs of planetary hours.

The concept of planetary hours stems from a practice of astrology which holds that the visible planets rule each hour of the day in a specific, orderly sequence. This rulership then determines which planet rules which day of the week, establishing the names for our days of the week. Planets beyond Saturn are not included because the ancients could not see them with their naked eyes!

Unlike conventional hours, though, planetary hours shift over the course of the year and where you are on earth. Once you have the calculations and concepts down, you can start to plan specific activities around planetary rulership to minimize your losses and maximize your success. When to embark on a trip, cut your hair…ask your boss for a raise, and more…

Learning the planetary hours will put you in tune with your immediate environment and with the symbolic rhythms of time on all levels. The link below takes you to register for my workshop and 32 (whoa, yes 32!) other fantastic, free trainings by my astrological colleagues from around the globe to help you up your astrological ante!


Join me in September and let the magic of the planets improve your life!


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