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Thanks for stopping by my slice of the internet and for being curious about me and my work. I’ll keep things short because I love concision. If I had to choose one word, one word!, to describe what I do, it is: galvanize. I live to galvanize people to accomplish their goals and to create immortal (textual) traces of human experience that generate more potent experiences ad infinitum. I thrive on enthusiasm and challenge and reading closely.


Just imagine, in our oldest recorded epic, Gilgamesh strives for immortality and accomplishes it in a two step process: he lives a life so grand that stories flow from it, and those stories are recorded, preserved, and disseminated. Through my own life and creative talents, I hope to inspire everyone in my orbit to live as fearlessly as Gilgamesh and, together with me, record the wisdom issuing from these experiences for the future. A dear friend recently referred to me as an “impresario”—and I think he’s onto something. As you might already be able to tell, I’ve got a serious irreverent streak. I love instigating new ways of perceiving the world around us and stimulating scenarios that spark extraordinary moments, that forge memories.


Publishing for me is a crystallization of these encounters of mind and heart: the fruit of experience that contains the seeds to generate the next iterations of experience. At the beating heart of this is language in its myriad (even celestial, asemic) forms. My doctorate may be in German literature, but it is actually in paying careful attention to crafting worlds through language. I revel in this liminal edge and share this pleasure with everyone I work with.


Join me in crafting your remarkable life and works.

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