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  • Intensive Astro FUNdamentals

    "Intensive AF"

What: Intensive Astro Fundamentals
Who: with Dr Jenn Zahrt
When: September 3 – December 10, 2019
Where: Online.
Bones: $888
Bodies: Limited to 11 seats.

You have not had an astrology class like this before.

An extremely high-touch, high impact course that will take you from zero to 360˚…in less than four months. Think of it like an academic semester.

You will learn the fundamentals of astrological language, how to read astrological charts, and make sense of them in meaningful ways.

All the technique and history, none of the woo. After this intensive, you will be fluent enough to be quite dangerous.

I am Jenn Zahrt, and I am a researcher, teacher, translator, writer, editor, publisher, and for the past twenty years, I have dedicated my life to the field of astrology.

My friends often call me Dr. Z or Doctor Jenn because in 2012, I earned my doctorate degree at UC Berkeley, where I researched astrology in German culture.

During my program I taught German, taking people with zero experience to being on a strong path to fluency, sometimes within a single semester. I also taught English comp classes about German culture, helping people synthesize, interpret, and express complex information in elegant ways.

Like German or English, astrology is a language. Babylonians called it sitir samesh, heavenly writing… messages from the Gods… Don’t you want to learn how to read them?

Now here’s the deal… In order for this to work, you have to work.

See, people used to sign up for German classes at UC Berkeley because they thought they were an easy A. It was a campus rumor that German classes were easy to pass, and oftentimes the rumors were, sadly, true.

Not with me.

Each time one of those folks stepped into my classroom, I told them, “you’ve come to the wrong place.” And those who didn’t believe me soon regretted it. And they also learned how to speak damn good German and write like a…

This intensive, too, will not be an easy A. You will work, and you will become excellent.

And the best part is, the work will be fun because astrology done well is fun – even addictive. If you’ve spent any time around me (and if you are reading this, you likely have), you know that I put the F U in FUN… And that’s not going to stop just because we are learning some serious astrology.

Did you know that in order to put a new word into your permanent vocabulary you need to use it in context seventeen times? Did you know that the louder you say something the more you remember it? In our intensive, we will be literally screaming astrology from the rooftops (because that’s where you can see the stars, obvs!).

My approach is based on two decades of hard work in the ivory tower (no joke, at 15 I found myself teaching myself astrology in the library at the University of Tübingen, where Johannes Kepler became a famous astrologer… my nerd roots run deep, yo)… I wanted to discover anything and everything I could about the history of astrology and why it is so misunderstood in society. I set about becoming fluent in German so that I could dive directly into sources and read for myself how our cultural heritage was stamped out of our common knowledge base. And then rectify that.

Not everyone cares about going through all the trouble of academia. I get it. I put in that time so that I could bring the fruits of that labor to you, so you don’t have set foot inside a university.

You still have every right to understand how to read the sky in ways denied you by our current educational system.

Learning astrology is about the most rebellious and smart thing you can do to fight the powers that be and What They Want You To Know.

I will teach you concepts in unforgettable ways. I will give you homework.

And you will be on track to becoming precision-skilled at reading astrologically.

Notice I said reading astrologically.

Do I expect you to “become an astrologer” after this course? No.

Do I think it’s an essential life skill to learn how to read astrologically? Absolutely.

Will I support you in pursuing astrology as a profession if you want. Of course.

But “becoming an astrologer” is not the outcome of this particular intensive. What is most critical is clearing the dross of what it means to read the world around us in an astrological way and arming you with a solid foundation for this aspect of being human.

Please note: If you consider yourself an astrologer, this intensive is not for you. In the fall of 2019, I will hold an intensive for the already astro-fluent (called Advanced AF).


My class size is limited to 11 students because I want to see your face when I am teaching you through the screen.

It is extremely important to me to make sure that you are seen and heard as you go through this material. That you feel seen and heard. This is how we flourish.

This semester-long intensive is not your typical “webinar.”

It is not a set-it and forget-it class.

This is intense. It is real. And it will change you.

Join me?

Our rocket launches on September 3, 2019. Are you ready?

The skinny:

Weekly live classes on Zoom every Tuesday from 5-7PM Pacific (8-10PM Eastern)
(subject to change if the final group chooses a better day/time; ah the beauty of nimble groups) from Sept 3 to December 10, 2019 (with no class 10/8 or 11/26/19)

Weekly Office Hour appointments to discuss course material 1:1

A private forum dedicated to class (not on FB!) so you can feel free to write without having your early mistakes enter the permanent internet record.

& the fine print:

You will be expected to attend live as much as possible.
You will be expected to participate in class forums.
Turning your video on during class is desired, but not required.
Courses will be recorded, if you are not able to attend live.
Office hours are never recorded. Tuition is non-refundable.


All good! I wanna get Intensive AF!

“But wait! I have a question!”

Please use the contact form below with any queries and I will do my best to answer you as soon as I am able.