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AstroLocality Expedition


Decode locational astrology once and for all in this 2 hour video adventure. My 2020 lecture from NORWAC is now available for purchase. You will get:

  • the official recordings PLUS
  • my powerpoint slides for the lecture AND
  • an audio only file for your on-the-go listening enjoyment.

All files will be sent to you using after purchase. Be on the lookout for that email and make sure you download the files within seven days or the link will expire.


Official talk description:

“Where in the World?” An Astro-Locality Expedition – NORWAC 2020

Have you ever wondered why you love one place or hate another? Or why you are oddly drawn to some place that no one else in your sphere has any interest in? Map your chart onto the earth to find answers to these questions and more. During this introduction to astro-locality, you will learn at least two ways of planning your travel and major relocations (and even advise your clients!) with more specificity and success.


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