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Complete set of Vesta oils

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As Vesta entered Virgo in 2020 (to stay until mid-2021!), I had just closed on my first house. It was time to make it a home. The talismanic Vesta oil project unfolded over the course of months, adding pieces of actual 4 Vesta asteroid to the seven mother bottles. I tuned in to Vesta and her priestesses’ history to learn who wanted to come forth and be “reborn” as representative of a new talismanic oil order.

This set of 7 Vesta oils effectively sets up a miniature vestal order in your home that also honors the system of 7 traditional planets (upon which we still base our week!). Use them to adorn candles and implements, and truth be told, simply owning them and putting them in a special space with a tea light is enough to feel their potency.

  • The first three — Gegania (Jupiter), Veneneia (Venus), Canuleia (Mercury) — align with the first known heads of the Vestal order. They are simple, powerful, devotional.
  • Aemelia contains asafoetida, a sharp bitter aroma that reminds us of the bravery she exhibited when using her own garment to rekindle the embers — Martial to the core.
  • Occia served for two Saturn cycles, and thus aligns with him. She features an addition of walnut oil and green hojari Frankincense.
  • Coelia Concordia contains no Bay, being stripped of her role as the Vestal order was shut down. Aligned with the Moon, she’s potently immersed in silver Frankincense.
  • Rhea Silvia contains a fragment of the meteorite known as Tatahouine. She is the mythical mother of Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome. She aligns with the Sun.
  • Together these Vestals will serve your home and hearth each day of the week, adding their own energies to sustaining the conditions necessary for you to pursue your goals unimpeded by static. The fire tended by the vestals has been mistaken as a fertile fire. The breed of fertility encouraged by a vestal practice is, in fact, a sterile one. The chastity vow holds space for the sovereign female to serve a supra-familial entity. Rather than being strapped into the trappings of Roman wifehood, the Vestal virgin could own property unmarried, and will her wealth to anyone she pleased. Their purification rites ensured that no contaminants would threaten the fertility of the Roman flocks and fields. Hence her alignment with Virgo, a sign known for its commitment to cleanliness.

    I am honored to transmit this astrological, magical working to you, and kindle your sovereign home with fecundity for all you wish pursue. If you would like to learn more about how to specifically apply these oils to your circumstances, book a Vesta Attunement consult with me.


    An olive oil base infused with hyssop, thyme (first three vestals), bay (except Coelia Concordia), and proprietary magical herbs called for by Vesta. The mother bottle of each Vestal contains a meteorite, linking the oil directly to the 4 Vesta asteroid used in astrological delineations.

    Your seven 1 dram vials arrive with an altar card helping you remember the names and purposes of each Vestal.

    Extremely limited edition.

    *Obligatory fine print: Sold as a curio. Not intended for ingestion or to be worn on the skin.

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