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Euforia Gourmet Salt


Euforia emerged at a union of marriage at Kubota Japanese Garden in Seattle, in 2019. As part of the wedding ceremony, Jenn and Malivume poured four kinds of gourmet salt together in a jar. Each of the few guests also poured a dash of each salt into the jar. A gentle rain fell, with some drops entering the jar, and the magic was sealed. Euforia!

This custom sourced salt blend features black Hawaiian lava salt, with activated charcoal, red Hawaiian Alaea salt, with volcanic clay, pink Himalayan salt, with over 80 trace minerals, and white sea salt from the Pacific Northwest bioregion. This course salt arrives in a fully compostable refill package ready for your favorite grinder. (We highly recommend The Everything Mill from Kyocera, shown in the gallery.)

Enjoy the sister salt, Mahogany Obsidian, which burst forth after mixing the red and black salts together. It has a slightly gentler profile than Euforia.

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