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Lecture Double Whammy: Trip Rulers and Almutens


If you missed the United Astrology Conference in Chicago in May of 2018, never fear. My two lectures are now available for purchase. You will get:

  • the official recordings PLUS
  • my powerpoint slides for both lectures AND
  • an excel spreadsheet for the almuten workshop AND
  • a quickie cheat sheet for the triplicity rulers of the houses

All files will be sent to you using after purchase. Be on the lookout for that email and make sure you download the files within seven days or the link will expire.


Official talk descriptions:


Triplicity Rulers of the Houses

Get ready for a threefold expansion of your chart delineation capacity. Medieval astrologer Guido Bonatti outlines a scheme of house rulerships by triplicity, an important and seldom-used essential dignity. We will explore how the triplicity rulers of each house cusp can help us identify which planets govern specific areas of a native’s life. We will also learn a simple, yet powerful predictive technique. After this talk, your delineation skills will be thrice great!


Understanding Almutens

Taking ancient understandings of planetary dignity and debility full throttle, Arabic-era astrologers devised countless ways to determine which planet has the most say over things like profession, family, and even pregnancy. The resulting “winner” of their calculations became known as the almuten, or “governor,” of various chart topics. In this lecture, we will explore almutens and how to integrate them into your astrological practice to achieve surprisingly accurate results.


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