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My Aim is True Spagyric


The spagyric path reintroduces the mineral salts of the plant back into the tincture solution, creating an alchemical perfection of the plant’s entire being that is active on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. This offering has been created in a celebration and demonstration of this alchemical process.

My Aim is True presents a robust experience of Mars, the planet responsible for our desire and will to act upon the world.

When Mars functions highly, it fights for not against. We must give it a mission, and then saying “No!” will be easy and clear. Your focus sharpens on the target. All else subsides.

This spagyric features a singular Mars herb, Nettle, from the Pacific Northwest. It began its life in November of 2019 with the Mars ingress into Scorpio, Mars’s night sign, as Jenn was confined in a hospital room for a week, under observation for a mortal threat of bleeding out. On the hour of Mars, during the first Tuesday of the ingress, she had her partner smuggle the materia into the hospital, and the mixture began its life. (Jenn safely made it home later that week). The spagyric working followed Mars’s journey through the zodiac, with stages of the alchemical process aligned with the celestial weather, finally completing itself a year later, in November of 2020, as Mars stations direct in Aries, Mars’s day sign.

This dynamic transfer from night to day captures the essence of Mars from strength to strength, and thus allows your true will to step out from the shadows and assume a more public mantle of expression. Steady your arrows. Sharpen your blade. With this talismanic curio by your side, your Aim is True.

How to work with a spagyric such as this? Simply having it in your possession already grants you a resonance with its effects. No claims are made for any medicinal properties associated with consuming Nettle tinctures.

0.5 Oz. vial.
when this batch is gone, it will be gone forever.

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